Club Assist

Keeping field workers connected to head office...

Club Assist partners with trusted motoring organizations worldwide, improving member experiences through the provision of automotive battery supply and roadside replacement, automotive glass repair and replacement, and other member services.

When you battery or windscreen needs replacing when you are out on the road, more often than not a Club Assist member will be the person visiting you to help.

With an extensive network of field service staff and a great need to keep all stakeholders informed as to the work carried out, Biz.Com worked with Club Assist to develop a mobile field service solution.

The Biz.Com solution assists in allocating job requests to workers in the field  and then allows the job to be tracked. Workers time and location is recorded and even battery test data.

Club Assist workers are able to invoice customers with printed receipts from a mobile printer.

The solution see over 300 users nationally as well as being used through the Club Assist network in North America.