Conga Foods

On the road sales automation...

Conga Foods is one of Australia’s leading private, family-owned companies in the grocery distribution industry.

When you are a busy grocery distributor with multiple brands and orders to fulfill, staying coordinated is imperative. This is why Conga Foods turned to Biz.Com to develop a mobile field sale solution that would streamline the field sales activities with the business.

 The Biz.Sales solution was chosen and integrated to Conga's JD Edwards system.

Field sales staff are able to access customer, pricing and product information from out on the road as well as process sales orders.

All information input is sent to head office enabling orders to be processed in a fraction of the time of manual systems

Field sales staff have complete visibility of sales promotions ensuring that customers are always being offered the best deals available.

 At head office, full reports are available on all sales activity so that sales managers can see easily track sales performance daily.

Biz.Com continues to provide technical support to Conga Foods as required.