Working with you...

At Biz.Com we believe the service we extend to customers is a major contributor towards our reputation. We actually make sure our solutions are going to improve businesses processes and we do this by listening to and discussing requirements, combined with our knowledge and practical experience.

Understanding your Business
All Biz.Com systems were derived from a need so we are accustomed to listening and assessing each client’s requirements individually. Along with this we have over 42 years combined development experience, offering extensive knowledge of various industries and related business processes. This really assists our clients because we are able to match your needs with our technical experience.

Sometimes our clients have a clear understanding of the areas that need improving and other times we assist clients in recognising problem areas. Biz.Com has 10 standard systems which collectively have wide spread functionality. Based on our initial conversation, we would have an existing system suitable to or similar to your requirements. A demonstration always gets the ball rolling displaying obvious improvements and triggering potential ideas to meet your specific requirements.

Biz.Com will organise and co-ordinate everything that is required to implement and operate a mobility system within your business. Our technical team will meet with key personnel and develop a functional specification. This process confirms and documents any required modifications to the standard system as well as investigating and planning for the communication links and the interaction with your host/enterprise system. This will ensure that the proposed implementation of the application fully covers the business requirements. Specification documents detailing screen shots, features and functions can be developed upon request.

The Planning Stage will also set out a timeframe for the Development, Implementation and Training stages of the project.

Biz.Com resources will develop the server and mobile applications in line with the agreed requirements set out in the functional specification developed in the planning stage. It is during this stage that all the required modifications identified in the planning stage are coded and tested.

Implementation involves setting up the Server Application and handhelds onsite as well as performing real time testing.

We will come on-site to train personnel on the operation of the Server, interaction between the host system and Server and also end user training on how to operate the handheld devices. Users will be trained on the correct use of the equipment and applications and then provided with initial operations support while the system is being introduced. Depending on the complexity of the Application, Training and Operation Services generally require 1-2 full days.

Biz.Com support services are dedicated to providing high standard customer service and technical support. We have a reputation for delivering support to our clients in a timely manner minimising any disruptions to your day to day activities.