Streamlining processes...

A very comprehensive route accounting system, Biz.Route delivers greater customer service capability for Direct Store Distribution (DSD) by streamlining the stock control & sales processes performed by the operators.

Functions include:

  • Call cycle scheduling
  • Processing of orders and credits
  • Access to purchasing/transaction history
  • Inventory management - van re-load, adjustment and van transfer
  • Stock take capabilities
  • Detailed reporting functionality
  • On-the-spot printing

Biz.Route has a robust platform for exchanging quality data with a variety of enterprise systems, supported by strong communication links.

Benefits to your Business:

  • Reduced reconciliation time on departure and return to depot
  • Increase in customer satisfaction
  • Facilitates billing process
  • Significantly reduces van re-load and stock take procedures
  • Increased van stock accuracy and visibility
  • Improved productivity and flexibility
  • Reduces out-of-date product and inventory shrinkage.