Increasing sales the smart way...

Biz.Sales empowers your sales workforce by giving them real-time access to critical information while out in the field. It is a tried and proven mobile computing solution that utilises a handheld PDA to communicate wirelessly with your current enterprise/host systems. 

Biz.Sales is a simple mobile computing solution that assists in the management of a number of sales processes:

  • Process sales orders/invoices whilst on the road and send them to head office from anywhere
  • Complete call reports simply and easily on the road and send them to head office
  • View customer information - purchasing and financial history
  • On-the-spot access to stock on hand, pricing and product information
  • Manage call cycle scheduling
  • Prompt sales reps of latest deals to promote.

Each sales representative is provided with a handheld computer that enables them to send, receive and access information from host IT systems at head office. Enabling live interaction between sales reps on the road and the office allows for a range of functions to be achieved that eliminate costly manual processes and errors. 

The benefits are simple:

  • Your sales reps have up-to-date information at their fingertips
  • Significantly reduces order to fulfillment timeframe
  • Order processing is simplified and therefore errors reduced
  • Head office has instant access to daily market information without the need for collation of call reports.
  • Reps can focus on serving customers and growing sales
  • Less paperwork for reps means more customer visits per day
  • Overall increased revenue.

You will be amazed how easy it is to implement. With over 5,000 users of our systems on a daily basis, together with 100's of mobile solution installations, we have the expertise to provide you with the advice and right solution to fit your business.

Actioning sales orders within 1 minute of taking an order is a reality with Biz.Sales.