Eliminating paperwork...maximising income.

Biz.Service is a mobile computing solution for the field service industry that helps you build more efficient processes into your organisation, eliminating paperwork and maximising income. From managing staff to tracking stock, Biz.Service automates manual processes giving you the tools to make your organisation more effective. 

Functions include:

  • Job allocation & completion notifications
  • Invoicing - on-the-spot creation of invoice
  • Stock control - inventory tracking & invoice purposes
  • Generate re-load order for truck inventory
  • Reporting
  • Collate time sheets for customer billing & wages.

Biz.Service has a robust platform for exchanging quality data with a variety of enterprise systems, supported by strong batch, wireless & GPRS communication links.

Benefits to your Business:

  • Increased efficiency in the allocation of jobs
  • Improved responsiveness to customers
  • Ensures greater accuracy of stock in van/truck
  • Efficiency improvements in billing cycle
  • No paperwork for technicians will increase the number of jobs completed
  • Increased revenue
  • Competitive advantage
  • No more double handling of data therefore reducing paperwork and errors.