Error free packing...

Biz.Pack delivers an error free packing solution to our clients along with other functionality such as EDI/ASN and retailer labelling. The system electronically distributes and records scan packing operations within your warehouse.

Functions include:

  • EDI processing
  • Integrated scan packing
  • Batched PDT picking
  • RF PDT picking
  • Picking slip confirmation
  • Electronic invoice ASN notification
  • Retailer labelling
  • Bulk picking or individual order picking
  • Reverse purchase order picking

Biz.Pack has a robust platform for exchanging quality data with a variety of enterprise systems and with wireless infrastructure set-up.

Benefits to your Business:

  • Increased stock accuracy and visibility
  • Improved flexibility of warehouse operations
  • Reduced order to delivery timeframe
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • No more double handling of data therefore significantly decreased errors and paperwork
  • Reduced operating costs.

Our scan pack system meets the EANway standards compliant with Myer Grace Bros, Kmart, David Jones, Coles, Big W, Woolworths and Target.