Keeping businesses moving

At Biz.Com we develop business process driven systems designed with practical experience and intimate knowledge of various industries. We continue to build on our reputation using proven development methodologies and by focusing on the specific needs of our customers.


Biz.Com’s field solutions enable your ‘out of office’ workforce to take advantage of the anywhere, anytime, on-demand world. With information constantly at their fingertips, field operators are able to receive, record and complete tasks on the spot via a hand-held device. Recorded information can be instantly transmitted from the field and integrated with your host/enterprise system.

Whether you want to run a totally paperless warehouse operation or partial, Biz.Com’s various warehouse management systems provide powerful tools for optimised picking, directed put-away and overall increased throughput. Recorded information from your warehouse can be instantly transmitted and integrated with your host/enterprise system.

From time of consignment to customer delivery, or freight managment systems for creating, costing and managing consignments, our transport management solutions have been proven extensively in the field since 1997.


We can customise our existing applications to suit specific needs of customers or simply implement “off the shelf” packages from our vast suite of applications. Biz.Com’s range of systems have all been developed in response to a customer need, so we are accustomed to delivering systems that are specific and tailored to your business. Although we have standard systems we understand they may not ‘fit’ with your unique business process and aim to adjust our systems to be congruent with your business.